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    From Monday 11th December

     MONDAY  –   10am – 2pm

    TUESDAY  –   10am – 6pm

    WED   –   CLOSED

    THURS   –  10am – 6pm

    FRI   –   CLOSED 

    SAT   –   10am – 5pm



    260 Oxford St


    7AM – 7PM

    *Arrive before 6pm for last treatments.


    The Crows Nest Centre
    2 Ernest Place


    10AM – 7PM

    *Arrive before 6pm for last treatments.

Australian Health Practitioner Sydney Acupuncture

Meet the Experts

All of our acupuncturists are highly experienced and government registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). Sydney Australia.

Our practitioners are skilled in treating a range of health conditions.

Our treatments can relieve back, neck, shoulder pain and headaches.

We have a reputation for excellence in women’s health problems.

There is no need to book appointments at our clinics. You can turn up at a time that is convenient to your lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Location Map

We have two centres in Sydney that provide acupuncture treatments.

Our centres provide treatments in a group setting.  You can either book your appointment online or just turn up for an acupuncture treatment at a time that suits you.

We are located in Bondi Junction and Crows Nest.

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Our Vision

Experience Acupuncture was founded by practitioner Ray Ford in 2008. It was Ray’s experience and vision to offer high quality acupuncture treatments to the community at an affordable price that has made us the leading acupuncture service in Sydney.

Our combination of highly skilled and experienced practitioners with low treatment prices is the reason our clinics are thriving with many loyal, regular patients.

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Our Unique Service

All of our practitioners are mentored by senior acupuncturist Ray Ford, who has treated many thousands of people with a wide range of health conditions in his private practice.

Each treatment is unique to the individual, with whole-hearted care and attention given to each patient. The group setting provides a relaxing atmosphere to bring about a deeper level of healing.

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Acupuncture Articles

Articles, Blogs, Information about Acupuncture and how it can help your life

The Shaman- From White Feathers to White Coat

  Organised healing practices in China can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC- 1046 BC.) The Shang society believed that the spirits of their dead ancestors literally walked the earth alongside them and could act as guides for the living.  As this was a mutually beneficial relationship, the Shang were very anxious…

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Dr Tu Malaria Nobel Prize

How An Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine Helped Dr Tu Win The Nobel Prize

The Nobel prize and a Chinese herbal medicine In 2015 the most prestigious prize in medicine was awarded to Dr. Youyou Tu, the head of a research team that discovered the powerful anti-malaria compound Artemisinin. She is the first person from mainland China to be awarded a Nobel prize. In giving her the prize, the Nobel…

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The Pericardium In Chinese Medicine

Written By Ray Ford. In ancient Chinese culture Imperial court ministers were appointed to think about and manage different aspects of society. In Chinese medical thought, the different organs are analogous to ministers or officials: Lung is seen as the Prime Minister, Liver the General, Stomach the Minister of Granaries, etc. The Heart (HT) is…

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